If you missed my album showcase, read this lovely review from a fan

Posted on: 20 Jun 2012

I recently performed a few tracks from my forthcoming album, ‘Calling All Angels’ at an intimate venue in London. A few fans won tickets to see the showcase and I’m delighted to have been review by a fan, Geoff Barratt.

If you want to get an idea of what my gigs are like, get reading below…

And thanks to Geoff!

“I was one of the few very lucky people to be at The Ballyhoo Club in London on the 12th June for the showcase of Helen Boulding`s forthcoming album “Calling All Angels” which is to be released 16th July.
It`s about time this artist got the recognition she deserves. Her first album “New Red Dress” was criminally under-rated and poorly promoted and hopefully that will all be rectified with next months release.
From the first track, Be with me i was completely transfixed with the performance. Helen has the support of a wonderfully talented band who were all excellent but it was the songs that shone brightest. The beautiful “Be With Me started things off, the single “The Innocents” was just fantastic. Jerusalem had “hit single” written all over it and reminded me of The Corrs in their heyday.

“All the songs performed felt like they were very personal and private songs brought into the open for the first time and also like they were being performed to every person individually. I have seen Helen compared to many artists over the years including Joni Mitchell but personally she has always reminded me, especially when sat at the keys of Christine Mcvie. She has the amazing gift of making you feel like you are the only person in the audience and making the listener feel like the song was written to/for them. The songwriting talent is obvious, the live performance is faultless and effortless, the look is perfect in fact the only thing missing from this amazing artist is the recognition and reward.

“I have seen many bands and artists over the years and paid alot of money for some so-called Legendary acts including the likes of Madonna but can honestly say that this all too short show (40 minutes) and I`m not complaining, its just i could listen to her all night! beats them with ease. Cannot wait for Helen to get the recognition she deserves because no-one will be smiling wider than me! Bring on the “Calling all Angels” Tour!!!!”

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