new blog…count down to JERUSALEM! 18.10.12

Posted on: 18 Oct 2012

Ok folks here I am, there has been a huge gap between my first Blog and this one, and I have to hold my hands up and say it is purely down to the fact that I am technically inept, but now I have full access to my own website, so I will be on here blogging away!

So much has happened on the last single “The Innocents”, festivals/gigs etc, radio tour, press interviews, phoners etc and I’m now getting ready for the next single “Jerusalem” to be released on Nov 5th (my mum’s birthday and bonfire night!) so this single will be going off with a bang.

I will be going to Brighton to record BalconyTV on Oct 29th (my husband’s birthday! : ) I only do things on people I know’s birthdays) which I will be putting straight up on line.

Also the new video for “Jerusalem” is up on line now and will be shortly here on the website too. Let me know your thoughts!

on Nov 17th I will be involved in the Warp Films 10 Anniversary event at Magna Sheffield when they will be showing “Dead Man’s Shoes” … myself, Gav Clark, Joel Cadbury, Ted Hughes & Ally will be performing live to picture….very exciting! will keep you posted on that & if there’s any footage I’ll get it up on line.

Anyway quick update, & in the words of Arnie “I will be back”! sooner than you think next time : )

Love h xxx

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